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Did you know?

Many Pakboats fans did not buy their boats because they can be packed in a bag. They simply treat their Pakboats as very lightweight replacements for the plastic boats that are too heavy. The fact that Pakboats seats are much more comfortable is an added bonus, and so is the generous amount of secure built-in flotation.

Pakboats ride on top of a car just as easily as hard kayaks, but their lighter weight makes it easier to get them up there. Paddling performance is similar to hard kayaks (and much better than inflatables), except that the light weight makes a Pakboat more responsive.

Try one - you will like it.

XT-17 Solo/Double

We have found that our customers prefer kayaks that can be used equally well by one or two paddlers. The Saranac is our best seller, and it can be used with or without a deck, by one or two paddlers. Unlike other kayaks where a solo paddler has to paddle from the stern cockpit, Pakboats solo/double kayaks can be purchased with a solo or double deck - or both. This way, you can always get your kayak trimmed properly.xt-17 double

With the XT-17 we are offering an unbeatable package deal: You can get a very solid 17 ft kayak that can be configured as a solo or double, including a solo deck and a double deck, all for $1995! For an evaluation of the XT-17, click here. And read about a challenging trip with XT-15 and XT-17 on Lake Superior.

Quest Touring Kayaks 

There is an all-new family of kayaks from Pakboats. The Quests are super light, compact, and easy to put together. Even better - they are a joy to paddle. The 13.5 ft Quest 135 is just right for "small to normal" sizequest-135 people. With all-polyurethane materials and price tag of $1136 you can see why we are excited! More about Quest and XT here.

We hope you will be inspired by all the opportunities that a truly portable and efficient folding canoe or kayak can offer. Our own paddling trips have taken us to several countries and given us many treasured memories, and we hope you will have similar experiences.

Here you will find a wide selection of folding canoes and kayaks along with accessories to help you get maximum enjoyment out of your Pakboat. And you will find many stories and pictures that customers have sent to us from their trips all over the World. Please click on Canoe Adventures or Kayak Adventures on the left of the screen and explore the adventures others have had to see what opportunities may be in store for you.

A few words about Packable Boats:

Canoes and kayaks that you can pack for travel are generally folding or inflatable. Both have their special advantages, and Pakboats combine the best features of both. In each Pakboat, a complete aluminum frame provides efficient lines and rigidity, while inflatable tubes provide tensioning and flotation. The combination of frame and inflatable tubes make a much more compact structure than air alone, and a Pakboat has much more interior space than a similar size inflatable canoe or kayak. The unique Pakboats structures are also much lighter and pack smaller. Similar size inflatables weigh about 50% more than a Pakboat.


3 Year Warranty

3 year guaranteeAll Pakboats brand boats and accessories are covered by a 3 year warranty on materials and labor.