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North American Fishing Club

Dear Alv,
Congratulations! The Puffin Sport Kayak has received the North American Fishing Club Field Test Seal-of-Approval……

Quotes from the test reports:

"Having owned canoes and kayaks for over 25 years and having paddled for over 35 years, this is truly a very well engineered and designed boat. At 19½ lbs, this is a joy to carry around. It tracks quite well, is comfortable to sit in, paddles easily, and fits in a medium size duffel bag when disassembled……..."
Arthur Howe

"I would recommend the Puffin sports kayak to anyone who wanted a portable light weight boat to get into walk in lakes where packing in any distance is necessary, especially if you are alone or can't handle carrying heavy packs."
Leroy E. Terry