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Touring US and Canada with the Puffin   May 1999

Hi Alv,

I finally got a chance to take out your boat. I compared it with an inflatable one in the same price range. I have to say, I was impressed how much better the tracking was with the Puffin.

It was worth the additional time it takes to set up. It also looks more like a performance boat and less like a toy as the inflatable does.

The construction of rods and inflatable areas gives it great back to front stability, while the inflatable tended to twist. Additionally the Puffin is quite a bit lighter and easier to carry around, which is important to me...

(8 August 1999)

I bought your Puffin earlier this year for my 8 month trip around the US and Canada. I'm in my third month of traveling now and I have had the Puffin out countless times on rivers, lakes and even protected stretches of ocean.

It is holding up well. It is truly the most enjoyable equipment I bought for my trip and I recommended your company many times to other interested campers. I designed a little 'boat deck' so I can take my pooch as well and she loves it as much as I do. I will be arriving in Maine sometime in September and would like to visit you...

Thanks for a well done product.

Gabriele Bungardt