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Recreation with the Puffin (2000)

Dear Alv and Co.

I am absolutely nuts about my new boat. I have been getting acquainted with all the tricks for assembly and disassembly, I have been in different types of water, (all flat, I'm not brave enough for anything down river) different weather conditions and with different paddles. Every time I paddle, my experience gets better. I was the person who asked you about a regular canoe paddle vs kayak paddle and you were right. The kayak paddle is the best.

It is starting to get cool for paddling so I'm out there every warm day. I have an illness that is treated with some rather nasty medicine and getting out on the water really helps me feel better.

I will be heading south in a few weeks and am looking forward to going on as many lakes and streams as I find. It has opened a whole new life for me.

I am blown away by all the thought and energy that must have gone into designing your boats. Your final product is just great. I expect to enjoy many years on the water wherever I may be and I will show my boat to whomever wants to know about it! Already, I have had many curious onlookers and friends.

Thanks so much for everything, the prompt service, the packaging, the web site, I will recommend it all!

Mindy Bailey