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Web sites in English   The site of the Wilderness Canoe Association. There are many route descriptions and a forum where you can find river information and ask questions.   Mike Edelman's folding kayak site has a lot of useful folding kayak information, including a good forum.  BSD rigs are the standard for "full-size" kayak sailing rigs by which others are measured.  The Kayaksailor sailing rigs are quite remarkable. Very easy to install and control. Sailing with one of these beauties is a lot of fun! Windpaddle sails are extremely light and compact. Easy to bring along and perfect to deploy when the wind is going your way.  In the category of "neat stuff" the Four Dog Stove Company has a lot to offer. Take a look at the Bushcooker - probably the most sophisticated mini wood stove out there.  Compact, yet powerful outdoor wood stoves to make you independent of petroleum based fuels.

Web sites in German   Ralf Schönfeld's home page. Here you will find lots of information about running canoe trips and using GPS. Excellent site.   Web site for folding kayak enthusiasts - with a very active forum.   Everything related to open canoes - and the forum is good too.

Other Languages  Open Canoe Association of Finland.