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Sunday, 25 April 2010 06:26
The XT-17 is a new and larger (17 ft) member of the XT family of touring kayaks from Pakboats. It has been mentioned inxt-17-touring other places like Canoe & Kayak Magazine's Buyers guide, but not on our web site. That is changing. The XT page is being updated. The XT-17 is now in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse.

The XT-17 is a "stretched" version of the 15 ft XT-15, and the two share almost all components - including steep stems that give the XT family waterline lengths similar to other kayaks that are at least a foot longer. If you are a large person or need to carry a heavy load, the XT-17 will be good news. This really is a "full-size" touring kayak. But it does not make the XT-15 obsolete. For paddlers under 200 pounds, the -15 has a nice and sporty "feel" that I really like.

I generally like smaller boats so it is not surprising that like the XT-15 for day trips. The XT-17 may well work better for you. They are both really nice, "friendly" kayaks with great paddling performance, excellent stability - and the most comfortable seat we have found in a kayak!
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