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Friday, 30 April 2010 18:51

I received the following message from Steve Piragis this morning:

Would you send me a PakPod? I need a camera deck bag for Greenland this summer. I remember seeing yours and being impressed.  
Piragis Northwoods Co"

This is interesting because I have used my PakPod the same way. It actually makes a very functional waterproof camera bag if you don't have to keep a lot of items organized. The PakPod has welded seams and a convenient waterproof roll-top closure.

I know some other deck bags have all that, but the PakPod opens wide enough to fit a full-size SLR with a long lens. Unlike other deck bags, the PakPod is very quick and easy to remove and reattach to the boat because it comes with a mounting harness that stays on the kayak. You simply disconnect four quick-release buckles. Carrying the PakPod by the handle that is formed by the roll-top closure, there are no loose straps flapping around.

The PakPod makes a very functional paddle float, but it justifies its place in my gear collection just as a deck bag. A less common use for the PakPod is in a canoe, but it actually offers a very convenient and secure way for the bow paddler to carry a camera - and whatever other items should be easy to access.

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