Rolling the XT-15 Print E-mail
Monday, 10 May 2010 20:00

dubside-hand-rollingdubside-paddlingSometimes I get asked if the XT-15 can be eskimo rolled. It can, and we have known that from the start. But I got a new perspective on it recently when I got together with Dubside. Dubside took the XT-15 out for a spin and found that it paddles pretty well. Then he checked how it rolls - first with a paddle. Since Dubside can roll almost anything, rolling with a paddle was predictably quite effortless. So he dropped his kayak paddle and got his little hand paddle (which essentially just increases the surface area of his hand). Rolling with the hand paddle looked just as effertless, and the hand paddle too was put away. Dubside went on to perform several rolls with just his hands. If that was any harder, it sure was not apparent to me.

One detail of the XT-15 that Dubside really liked was the lack of a thwart behind the seat. He was able to lay back on the stern deck with nothing getting in the way.

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