Rudder System Revisited Print E-mail
Monday, 10 May 2010 21:36

snap-hookIf you scroll down a few entries you will see my original description of the XT rudder system - and if you look closely you will see that it uses a number of very small parts. The system is well designed and works really well, but it was designed for hardshell kayaks. Those small pins and springs are more of a problem in a folding boat that needs to be assembled and disassembled in the field where small parts can easily get lost. So we needed to devise an alternative. After looking long and hard, the solution turned out to be a spring hook that is secured to the cable so it can't get lost (see picture).

We also wanted an easy and adjustable way to  connect the control cable to the boatball-chain-adjustment frame at the bow end. Here the solution is a ball chain. It is not quite like the key chain you are familiar with. This ball chain is stainless steel with 1/4 inch balls. The length of the cable can be adjusted in increments of less than 1/4 inch, and once locked in place, the cable will not slip. We think we finally have a system that works really well for folding kayaks.

For a more complete description, please see the installation description posted with the assembly instructions on this site. 

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