Closing out the Puffin Sport Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 June 2010 12:40

puffin-sportThe Puffin Sport 10.5' was the original Puffin, and it is now in its second generation after a face lift a few years ago. Since day one, the Puffin Sport was a favorite with customers who wanted an extremely lightweight, yet functional boat. In fact, US Fish & Wildlife has been buying them for years for their survey work in Alaska.

The Puffin Sport is still a great boat, but it can no longer stand up to the competition. When we redesigned the 12 ft Puffin, making it open like the Puffin Sport, most customers decided that the resulting Puffin Saco was a better option. It is faster, roomier, and only about 2 pounds heavier. It is hard to argue - we too like the Saco a lot.

But at the closeout price of only $595 the Puffin Sport is a really good deal. Where else can you get a super light (18 pounds) kayak that performs really well too?  For another $69 you can even outfit it with a deck.

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