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Friday, 03 September 2010 11:05

Submitted to Paddling.net  July 14, 2010
  I moved to Austin a couple of months ago and had to leave my 12 ft Perception hard shell behind due to space. I looked over my options for a smaller yak and could not find anything that would replace the feeling the 12 footer gave me. Some friends told me to look into a folding

yak. So I looked into the Swift and other folding yaks. Well I took the plunge and purchased the Swift and what a good decision!!! 


When it arrived I put it together in my apartment (it had spanned across my living room and into the kitchen) Assembly was a breeze except for putting the deck on witch I simply released the hook and loop from the sides that gave me more slack to get it on and as mentioned in the manual the gunwales suck but the notes on getting them out worked great. Two days later I brought it to Town Lake for a test drive. Assembly was even faster this time and had several people come up to me asking questions about it.

With every thing in place I set out, after the first 5 minutes until I got used to the light weight of it I was on my way. When I got back to the take out 4 hours later dis-assembly was easy because the gunwales did not stick at all and was surrounded by more people wondering where I had gotten the yak. Even though the bag is not so easy to port I give the Swift and Pakboats a big 10 plus.
Rating: 10 of 10



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