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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 15:38
This e-mail from Tom Welander solicits some information that many of you may find useful, and he provides a link to pictures from a great looking river trip in Alaska. Enjoy!

Hi guys. Could I get some advice please?

We spent a week on the Verde River in Arizona last month, which had a nice snowmelt flow this year. We worked the boats pretty hard, choosing the meatiest lines through the rapids and catching eddies for fun. The canoes (solo 150s) were terrific but we bent up the keel rods pretty well. I can get them reasonably straight again. Do you suppose the aluminum will be significantly weakened by the bending? Should I consider replacing them?

On a separate note, here are photos and notes from our Pakboats' first journey...the Tlikakila River in Alaska:


Tom Welander

And my response:

I don't think you need to worry about the keels. Straightening them is ok, and the canoe does not seem to care if the rods are bent a little - so long as there are no kinks.

Even a broken keel would not be a serious problem. It can be repaired temporarily with duct tape to complete the trip. There is enough redundancy in a PakCanoe frame to allow extensive field repairs. Once you are home, any part can easily be replaced.

You may find this article on PakCanoe maintenance useful:

It looks like you had a neat trip in Alaska. Thanks for sharing.

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