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Wednesday, 18 May 2011 09:08
Dear Paddlers,

I have never done a blog entry like this before – trying to help a group find a paddling partner. But the trip description is interesting – exploring a new canoe route in the far north. Even if you are an armchair adventurer at heart, you may enjoy reading it. If you are a real adventurer, here is your chance to do something exciting this summer!
You can reach Brian here: Brian Johnston [ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]

Greetings from Alv

Hi there,

Our party lost our 6th paddler and we are actively looking for a 6th person to join our crew. Help us find a suitable 6th member.

We are planning a descent of the Lorillard River. We are chartering a single otter from Baker Lake. Most of us will assemble in Winnipeg on July 8 but we could meet you in Baker Lake if that is easier for you. It is a 3 week trip, returning to Winnipeg on July 30. The Lorillard was named by Lt. Frederick Schwatka of the American Geographical Society in 1880 while leading an expedition to find the lost papers of the Franklin party. He embarked by dog sled, adopting Inuit style for clothing and travel for what became the longest unsupported sledge trip up until that time. He went overland up the Lorillard to the Back River and on….for nearly a year.

Our plans are less ambitious but challenging just the same. We have scoured maps and believe the Lorillard can be paddled. Water Survey of Canada has a gauging station that shows a flat line most of the year….with huge flow in July. There are some steep section which we believe will require lining, rock hopping and portaging, but also some lake-like sections. It is about 280km from the upper reaches to Hudson Bay. We are trying to find an Inuit with a boat in Chesterfield inlet to come and pick us up and take us ~60 miles down the coast. If not we will consider paddling and portaging overland and before crossing the inlet. The last option out would be to fly out from the mouth back to Baker Lake.

We have folding Pakboats with covers and Gerry R and I are buying and packing the food. We have all the group gear so you’d need paddle and PFD plus your personal stuff. The cost is up there, $2000 for commercial flights, $1000 air charter, plus all the other stuff, so I'm guessing it could climb to $4500 total out of Wpg.

Let me know ASAP if you are interested.