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PakCanoe 160 on Poroeno River, Finland

 PakCanoe 160 on Poroeno River, Finland

Folding PakCanoes

PakCanoes can often be found on the most remote rivers in northern Canada or Alaska, and it is gratifying that so many expedition paddlers trust their PakCanoes. On a remote river you simply can't afford to have your equipment fail.

The basic design of PakCanoes remains virtually unchanged since we made the first ones in 1995, but many details have been improved to adapt PakCanoes to demanding wilderness expeditions. Not all PakCanoes go on expeditions, but all PakCanoe models are sometimes used that way, so we build all PakCanoes to expedition specifications. Our customers like to know that their canoes are built to take adventures - and occasional misadventures - in stride for years to come.


Important Features for Expeditionsgrizzly-bear-tracks-on-pakcanoe

Reinforcements. Expedition craft must stand up to wear and tear, and we reinforce all abrasion areas where the skin rests against the frame. There are five heavy "keel Strips" under the bottom and thinner reinforcement strips to cover the gunwales. Additional protection against abrasion is provided by a closed cell foam pad covering the bottom between the skin and the aluminum frame to keep the skin from direct contact with the frame (this is incredibly effective).

Cross Ribs are connected to the gunwales by lockable clips to make a solid connection even when you grab the gunwale to lift the canoe.

PakCanoe Sides are protected by inflatable tubes on the inside pushing the fabric away from the aluminum frame and forming a built-in fender.

D-rings are factory installed at both ends, half way up the stem to provide a low attachment point for ropes.

Important for Family Use

Inflatable Tubes in the sides place flotation where it needs to be for improved stability and safety. The PakCanoe is easier to assemble because the inflatable tubes provide skin tension after the canoe has been assembled.

Aluminum Parts are anodized to provide superior corrosion resistance even when the PakCanoe is used in salt water - and you will not get black hands by handling anodized aluminum!

Seaworthy Craft

Because of their skin-on-frame construction, PakCanoes flex and work with the waves in a way that hardshell canoes can't. The bow will rise and climb over waves instead of crashing into them and taking on water. This lets PakCanoes run much drier than traditional canoes in storms and whitewater.

More on PakCanoe design here

PakCanoe 170 folding canoe

pakcanoe-170-topPakCanoe 170 is the wilderness work horse. It will carry enough gear for a full scale expedition. Because of its larger size, it spreads the load over a larger surface area and will float inpakcanoe-170-side shallower water. Please click here for reviews posted on

PakCanoe 165 folding canoe

pakcanoe-165-topPakCanoe 165 is a smaller wilderness tripper. It works well for two moderate size paddlers and gear for 2 or 3 weeks. The 165 is narrower than the 170 and makes a nice expedition solo. pakcanoe-165-sideWider cross ribs can be installed for greater stability.


PakCanoe 160 folding canoe

pakcanoe-160-topPakCanoe 160 is the best all-round canoe. It can carry two people with gear for 2 or 3 weeks on a wilderness river and is a comfortable canoe for a day trip on a lake or whitewater river. Its pakcanoe-160-sidegreat stability makes it a favorite for family use. More on Family Use here

PakCanoe 150 folding canoe

pakcanoe-150-topPakCanoe 150 is best if you like to paddle solo but want to have capacity for two people and camping gear for a week. It has good speed and tracks well on flatwater, yet performs well on Class III pakcanoe-150-sidewhitewater.


PakCanoe 150T folding canoe

pakcanoe-150T-topPakCanoe 150T is identical to the 150 with the exception of 5 cross ribs that add 3" of beam. The 150T is a stable canoe for family use, fishing, and up to a week of backcountry camping. Like the 150, the pakcanoe-150t-side150T is excellent on whitewater.


PakCanoe 140 folding canoe

pakcanoe-140PakCanoe 140 is a solo canoe for small to medium size paddlers who do not need to pack a large amount of gear and supplies. Very nimble in tight places, it is excellent for small creeks where intricate pakcanoe-140-sidemaneuvering is needed. Like its larger siblings, the 140 performs well on flatwater as well as challenging whitewater.


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PakCanoe 140

81 cm

36 cm
38 lbs
17.2 kg
430 cm
450 lbs
205 kg
PakCanoe 150
84 cm
36 cm
45 lbs
20.5 kg
460 cm
650 lbs 295 kg
PakCanoe 150T
35"  89 cm
13"  33 cm
48 lbs 21.8 kg
15'  460 cm
650 lbs 295 kg
PakCanoe 160
37"  94 cm
14"  36 cm
53 lbs 24.1 kg
16'  490 cm
760 lbs 345 kg
PakCanoe 165
33"  84 cm
14"  36 cm
54 lbs 24.5 kg
16.5' 505 cm
830 lbs 375 kg
PakCanoe 170
38"  96 cm
14"  36 cm
56 lbs 25.5 kg
17'  520 cm
910 lbs 415 kg


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