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PakCanoe 150 through the Grand Canyon Print E-mail
Colorado River, Grand Canyon 1997
Dear Alv,

Riding the river that carved the Grand Canyon is a pilgrimage to be savored. Our permit is here - what to use for a boat?

Rafts are too big, kayaks are too small, and a rental canoe is a pig in a poke, or worse. An open boat is a home away from home. I can stretch out & have access to maps, camera, wetsuit & a dry shirt. Solo has spoiled me. I chose my own route. I go off alone, singing, or join the group and joke about.
Hondo and Eslabon Rivers, Bolivia Print E-mail
Paddling Bolivia in a folding canoe, searching for a giant spider monkey, Bolivia 1997.
Dear Alv Elvestad

I thought you might be interested to hear about my recent expedition in Bolivia using the 16.5' pak canoe I ordered from you this spring.

The aim of our expedition was to explore several rivers in Northern Bolivia up to the Serranias of Cepite and Eslabon, jungle covered mountain ranges where
Pakboats on Sand River, Ontario Print E-mail
Canoeing Sand River, Ontario  1996
Dear Alv,

We had a great canoe trip on the Sand River in Northern Ontario, thanks in no small part to your new boat. It was nimble, responsive, and easy to transport.

We ran most of the drops, and it behaved beautifully both fully loaded and empty. It ran much drier than our other (non-collapsible) canoe, even on small waterfalls.
Backpacker Magazine's Editor's Choice Award Print E-mail
Congratulations on winning a place among BACKPACKER Magazine's esteemed "Editor's Choice" Awards for 1996. Your Escape Folding Canoe was one of just 12 products selected to receive this year's award from the hundreds of products available.
Poroeno and Lataseno by PakCanoe Print E-mail

picture of laurie guillon in pakboat Lapland area of Norway & Finland     1996
Boat Performance Report by Laurie Gullion

The rivers of Arctic Scandinavia feature a mix of broad, shallow rapids along the inland Lapland plain and beautiful plunging drops in the canyons leading back to the Norwegian sea - a perfect opportunity to test the merits of Pakboats' new 17-foot wilderness canoe.

Paddling Patuca River, Honduras, 1995 Print E-mail

Throughout our float down Honduras' Patuca River, local indians marveled at our red canoe. "Que bonito!" they said. "How pretty!"

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