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Recreation with the Puffin (2000)

Dear Alv and Co.

I am absolutely nuts about my new boat. I have been getting acquainted with all the tricks for assembly and disassembly, I have been in different types of water, (all flat, I'm not brave enough for anything down river) different weather conditions and with different paddles. Every time I paddle, my experience gets better. I was the person who asked you about a regular canoe paddle vs kayak paddle and you were right. The kayak paddle is the best.

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Touring US and Canada with the Puffin   May 1999

Hi Alv,

I finally got a chance to take out your boat. I compared it with an inflatable one in the same price range. I have to say, I was impressed how much better the tracking was with the Puffin.

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Dear Alv,
I've fallen in love - albeit with a Puffin SportKayak. Earlier, I told you that I took it out for the first time on one of those mild December days on Jamaica Bay. I was pleased with how quickly it went together and how well it handled, but as my wife and daughter were waiting for me, I didn't get much of a chance to try it out.

Three weeks ago I had the chance to really give it a try on a fishing trip to El Pescador Lodge in Belize.
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North American Fishing Club

Dear Alv,
Congratulations! The Puffin Sport Kayak has received the North American Fishing Club Field Test Seal-of-Approval……

Quotes from the test reports:

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