Lining a Canoe with a Single Rope

On a recent Lapland canoe trip we did a lot of lining because of high water levels. Some of the “lining” was up and down mountain sides, but that is a story for another day. We had a group of solo canoes, and it was obvious that we could make much faster progress if each […]

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Family Canoes

  PakCanoes for the Family Looking at RapidMedia’s Paddling Buyers Guide for 2015, I came across an article on Canoeing Trends. I was happy to find that “though participation rates in canoeing have remained static for several years, manufacturers and retailers are seeing an increase in young families getting on the water and purchasing canoes”. […]

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Bush Flying and Canoes

Cliff Jacobson sent me information about a discussion he had with Alex Hall of ‘Canoe Arctic’. The discussion centered on the cost and difficulty of flying canoes to remote Canadian rivers. Canoe Arctic has run canoe trips on northern rivers for many years, and Alex Hall knows the situation first hand – so does Cliff […]

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PakCanoe 160 Review, Alan Kesselheim

I admit I was skeptical about this folding canoe’s durability, especially on longer trips where you shouldn’t need to baby your boat. I was also skeptical about performance. Finally, I doubted my ability to deal with the “easy” assembly. But you can’t argue with the advantage

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Surviving Mosquitos and Black Flies

SURVIVING MOSQUITOES AND BLACK FLIES It is that time of year. We are getting ready to head north to run a river. Really looking forward to it, mostly. If it had not been for all those bugs. Many of you will go to Canada or Alaska. Linda and I are going to the Lappland area […]

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Skin on Frame Boats

SKIN ON FRAME BOATS It has been interesting over the years to see and hear references to “skin on frame boats” and to “folding boats”. While native style “skin on frame” kayaks are often recognized for excellent performance – and copied in modern materials, the perception of skin on frame boats that fold is often […]

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Securing Gear in a PakCanoe

PACKING AND SECURING GEAR IN A PAKCANOE I get a lot of questions about how to glue in D-rings to secure gear in PakCanoes. The answer is that you don’t. Because of the foam floor and inflatable side tubes, there is no place inside a PakCanoe hull that D-rings can be attached. The good news […]

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Mapping your next Trip

MAPPING OUT YOUR NEXT TRIP Many of you will soon start actively planning next year’s trips. If you are considering a river up north, that planning will include studying a number of maps and river guides – and may be some trip descriptions. In spite of all your research efforts, you may run into surprises. […]

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Repair and Maintenance of Pakboats

REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE OF PAKBOATS Some of you are preparing for your annual canoe trip to the Arctic and may take a folding canoe for the first time. The following will give you information about how to deal with some of the mishaps that can occur on such a trip. While I will primarily focus […]

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Flying with Pakboats

FLYING WITH PAKBOATS The most attractive feature of folding boats may be their portability. If you are planning a very remote trip where the logistics really get out of hand, a folding boat may be just what you need to make your trip work. And most of these trips involve at least one airplane – […]

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