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PakCanoes for the Family

Looking at RapidMedia’s Paddling Buyers Guide for 2015, I came across an article on Canoeing I was happy to find that “though participation rates in canoeing have remained static for several years, manufacturers and retailers are seeing an increase in young families getting on the water and purchasing canoes”. That certainly makes sense. Canoes really are the only paddlecraft that can accommodate a family with kids.

PakCanoes from Pakboats have always been focused on the expedition market. Unfortunately, the expedition crowd is getting older, and the expedition market is shrinking. Even though PakCanoes are gaining market share, it is barely enough to keep PakCanoe sales stable from one year to the next. It seems like a great idea to make a family canoe.

Actually, it turns out that we already have that canoe. The 16 ft PakCanoe 160 comes as close to the ideal family canoe as any canoe on the market. You don’t believe me? Then, consider the following:

1. With its tripping type hull, the 160 is very stable.

2. Unlike other canoes, built-in side flotation makes the 160 float level and stable if it is ever swamped.

3. With its somewhat flexible hull, the 160 is more seaworthy in rough conditions than traditional canoes.

4. Built for expedition use, the 160 is rugged enough to survive years of family fun, and at only 53 pounds, it is easy to handle.

5. The PakCanoe 160 comes prepared for a center seat.

6. The 160 can stay assembled indefinitely, and it can be transported assembled just like any other canoe. The advantage of a folding canoe is that it can be packed whenever needed.

The PakCanoe offers a combination of space, performance and safety that no other canoe can match!

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