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Outstanding Seats
According to their many fans, XT seats are the most comfortable on the market. Suspended as a sling
between cross bars forward and aft, the seats are free of pressure points. The front cross bar is covered
by an inflatable thigh support that can be adjusted for perfect comfort and control. The back band
remains attached to the deck and requires no installation when the XT-17 is assembled.
XT-17 Solo
XT-17 Solo can handle gear
for extended trips and will
accommodate large paddlers.
Its paddling performance
makes long days easy, and its
solid stability lets you relax
and be comfortable.
XT-17 Double
XT-17 Double is a sporty day
tripper for two normal size
adults. With 48 pounds, it is an
exceptionally light and
responsive double.
XT-17 Solo
17 ft, 520 cm
24 in, 60 cm
11 in, 27 cm
44 lbs, 20 kg
400 lbs, 182 kg
XT-17 Double
17 ft, 520 cm
24 in, 60 cm
11 in, 27 cm
48 lbs, 22 kg
400 lbs, 182 kg

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