Quest 150


2nd-generation Quest 150 Touring Kayak.

The Quest 150 is a skin-on-frame touring kayak. All hull materials are coated or laminated with polyurethane for a combination of durability and extremely light weight (less than half the weight of a plastic kayak). Inflatable kayaks of similar size weigh 50% more than the Quest, and the Quest’s performance and sleek lines cannot be achieved with an inflatable structure. Its polyurethane coated materials contain no toxic chemicals, and the design combines great looks with comfort and efficient cruising performance.

Unique Design.

The new Quest represents another advance in Pakboats’ hybrid folding/inflatable construction: Enhanced frame technology produces a stiff and light hull structure that makes assembly a breeze in combination with multiple flotation cells that tension the skin and provide buoyancy.

To combine hull stiffness and simplicity in a very lightweight design, Pakboats developed a method to tension both keel and gunwales without adding weight and cost. 2nd generation Quests get added stiffness in the mid-section where it is most needed, without adding weight in the ends. The deck is installed after the hull is completely assembled, and the deck seal is secured by end caps and “wrapovers” that are welded to the boat skin, sealing out splashing waves. The “wrapovers” also support deck rigging.

Here is a video showing the assembly process.

Excellent Seats.

Comfort starts with the seat, and the Quest seat is “best in class”. The fabric sling is supported front to back, completely eliminating pressure points, and an inflatable thigh support adjusts to fit any paddler. Back band and seat surface are covered with three dimensional mesh for maximum air circulation. The seat drops into brackets on the cross ribs, so installing the seat during assembly takes almost no time.

Easy Loading.

The Quest deck can be opened at both ends for exceptionally easy access and loading of gear up to its 275 pound (125 kg) capacity. The simplicity and light weight let the Quest fit into a single compact storage bag for travel, and it can easily go with you as airline baggage.


Quest 150.

The Quest 150 is a compact touring kayak. It is long enough for effortless cruising, and roomy enough to hold your over-night camping gear, yet it is small enough to fit moderate size paddlers. The 150 is in its element when your travels cover many miles and hours of paddling. At the end of a long day you will send some grateful thoughts to the Quest’s outstanding seat.



Unique SOT function.

Unlike other touring kayaks, the Quest 150 can be paddled without a deck, like a sit-on-top. Simply leave the deck off in calm conditions. The 150 has a lot of flotation built in to keep you safe. Even better, the flotation is placed in the sides where it helps keep the kayak stable, even when it is swamped. Very few kayaks have this safety feature. Typical flotation centered in the ends does not contribute to stability. Please note: The Quest 150 includes a deck, but the deck is not always needed.


 Model  Length  Beam  Depth (max) Weight
 Quest 150  14 ft 11 in, 455 cm  24 in, 61 cm  13 in, 33 cm  31 lbs, 14.1 kg
 Quest 155 as SOT  14 ft 11 in, 455 cm  24 in, 61 cm  10.5 in, 27 cm  26 lbs, 11.8 kg

Pakboats XT – A super stiff structure supports long hulls and heavy loads
XT kayaks are fast, and over-all paddling performance is exceptional. Structural I-beams built into the sides make a very stiff, yet lightweight frame structure. This lets us build long and efficient hulls with consistent rocker, and a multi-chine cross section further enhances performance. XT kayaks share the Quest’s ample multi-chamber side flotation and the hulls are free of thwarts so space is unobstructed. The moderate depth of XT hulls minimizes wind effects and gets the gunwales out of the way of your hands for comfortable paddling – quite unlike heavy load haulers of yesteryear. Please click here for a user perspective – and here for some sea trials.

XT-17-on-Grafton-PondXT-17 Solo has the capacity to handle gear for extended trips and can accommodate large paddlers. Its paddling performance makes long days easy. The solid stability lets you relax and be comfortable in the XT-17. D-rings on each side simplifies installation of deck rigging.XT-17-side-view


XT-17 Double is a fast, easy paddling kayak for two moderate size paddlers. To change a XT-17 solo into a double, you simply remove the solo deck and replace it with a deck with two cockpits (very easy because the deck is attached with a Velcro strip).  We offer this kayak with two decks (double and solo) to give you maximum flexibility in terms of its use – and the package price is hard to beat!

Model  Length  Beam  Depth  Capacity  Weight
 XT-17  17 ft, 520 cm  24 in, 61 cm  10 in, 25 cm  400 lbs, 182 kg  44 lbs, 20 kg

Packed Bag Size: 33 in x 21 in x 14 in


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